Published on 8 July 2020 at 01:33

How does it work?

With just a twist. Simply twist the bottom up to 90° to activate, wait less than two minutes, enjoy your beverage at the perfect temperature.

How much does the Energy tablet occupy?

The volume of the Energy tablet is about 6% of the content volume. in fact, this is the smallest energy tablet in the world that can boil water in less than 2 minutes.

How much does the Energy tablet weight?

The wight of the Energy tablet is about 80 grams with the body.

How much volume is the TemperUp Smart thermos?

the volume of the Smart thermos is about 400 cc – it's about 25% more than ordinary MRE’s or convenience foods in the market.

What's the dimensions of a TemperUp smart thermos?

Size: 6.5 cm * 6.5 cm * 23.3 cm

How much water can be boiled in the TemperUp Smart thermos?

As it is shown in the table, 100 cc water can be boiled in less than 2 minutes in order to brew coffee or make infant formula.

How much water can be warmed in the TemperUp Smart thermos?

200 cc water can be warmed up to 65 °C in about 2 minutes in order to make an instant coffee, teabag, or herbal tea.

300 cc water can be warmed up to 42 °C in about more than 2 minutes in order to heat a brewed coffee, etc. 

What kind of food and beverage can be used in TemperUp?

Any kind of beverage or liquid-based food can be heated in TemperUp products.

Will high heat causes the container to crack?

No, actually the products of TemperUp are made of double wall, high heat resistance food grade materials like stainless steel. It has been tested several times and doesn't have any problem.

Is the Smart Thermos washable?

Yes, the Smart thermos and other products are washable. Even the electrical parts like touchscreen thermometer can be washed and dried.

Can I use TemperUp products indoors?

Yes, the Products are designed for both indoor and outdoor uses.

What to do after the Energy tablet has done the warming process?

Simply remove from the container and dispense as household trash or send it to us for up to 40% discount in your future buying. 

Why is TemperUp Multi-functional?

Besides the ability to heat, TempeUp can be used as a cooler by placing ice cubes or ice packs on the bottom. 

How to cook instant noodles with a TemperUp container?

 Just activate the product, pour right amount of water, after 2 minutes when the temperature goes up, you can enjoy hot noodle soup 10 minutes after.

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