B2B business model:


We are ready to collaborate with other businesses and Brands in order to expand the market together.

Our edge of knowledge technology can enlarge the market of your business

Your brand on the future smart packaging product can

  • Expand your market

  • Increase public awareness of your brand

  • Increase you product line

  • Reach new customers and businesses

  • facilitate your marketing

  • Enlarge your market chain


These kind of businesses are supposed to get participate with us:

  • COMPETITORS with former technology.
  • PACKAGING COMPANIES with large amount of customers all around the world.
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE COMPANIES with variety of products.
  • EMERGENCY & ARMIES to service their employees and soldiers.
  • RESPONSIBLE ORGANISATIONS IN UNFORESEEN EVENTS to provide warm food and beverage for survivors.
  • TOUR AGENCIES & NATURE TOURS to surprise their customers by providing a warm food in nature, jungle, desert, etc.
  • CHAIN STORES to have more value proposition.




It is anticipated that the value of this future technology reaches $ 500 M

Please write to us to get more information. Our professionals will answer you soon.