Published on 8 July 2020 at 02:35

Is it safe to use?

Yes, TemperUp is completely safe to use. It’s completely tested several times and even theoretically it doesn't have any potential to blast or explode. Also, the material are non-toxic. Take care of boiled water like other kind of pots and boilers, and Keep out of reach of children.

Is TemperUp dangerous before and after activation?

Prior to activation there is a trigger on each Energy tablets. When you want to active the product you should remove the trigger and put it into the product. So, there isn't any threaten dangerous before activation.

After activation, the product gets so hot, but you don't need to open the bottom part and you can easily open the smart lid and enjoy your drinking. after approximately 10 minutes you can open the bottom part to remove the used Energy tablet.

Are there any harmful ingredients in the Energy tablet?

No, none at all, The materials have been used in the energy tablet are altered to be completely safe and non-toxic. Either before activation or after that there isn't any dangerous for you and the environment, even if it released to the environment or cracked and mixed with the content, It would be safe.

Are there any possibility for the smart thermos to be cracked and the materials inside the energy tablet get mixed with my beverage?

Not at all, the Smart thermos have been made from Stainless Steel 304 that is completely durable and can't be cracked even with a hammer. It has been tested even without content inside the thermos and doesn't have any dangerous. Even if it will be cracked or broken, in case of leakage, there won't be any harmful thing for a human in low doses and because of changing in color and taste, the user understand and can't drink the content.

Do you cater for special dietary requirements?

As it doesn't have any contact to food and beverage inside the product, there isn't any dietary requirement for multi-use products and for single-use product, our content provider partners like coffee and hot chocolate producers should have dietary requirement.

Can I bring my TemperUp on an airplane?

TemperUp is safe for travel on an airplane, however, due to FAA regulations, it can't be take to an airplane.

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